Learn All About A True Palliative Care Program

Doctor on Home Visit Discussing Health of Senior Male Patient With Wife

What is Palliative Medicine?

  • Practice of chronic disease and symptom management.
  • Fully recognized subspecialty of medicine -Palliative Care is NOT the same thing as Hospice
  • Palliative Care is provided to improve the quality of life of patients who have a serious or life-threatening disease.
  • Palliative Care is an approach to care that addresses the person as a whole, not just their disease.

Our Structure

  • Medical Director (Palliative Care Physician)
  • Oversees interdisciplinary team including Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Liaisons between the family, patient, and primary doctor
  • Can recommend/write orders for medications and supplies
  • Conduct medication reviews
  • Manage patient symptoms
  • Discuss goals of care with patient and family
  • Will conduct palliative care visit where you live- at home or in a residential facility.
  • Support Team
  • Spiritual Consultants
  • Social Workers
Nurse and Happy Woman

Goals of our Program

  • Improve the quality of life
  • Work directly with patient and family to help make medical decisions that best align with the patient's life goals and philosophy
  • Symptom management
  • Advance care planning
  • Assessment of medical conditions
  • Psychological support to patients and families
  • Advocate for patient rights and wishes
  • Decrease re-hospitalizations
  • Transition patients to Hospice when appropriate

The Impact of Early Palliative Care Intervention

  • 50% Less Hospital Admissions
  • 35% Less ED Visits Cassel JB, Garrido M, et al.
    Impact of Specialist Palliative Care on Re-Admissions: A "Competing Risks"
    Analysis to Take Mortality into Account, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 2018; 55(2):581.
  • Lung cancer patients were shown to have improved quality of life and live 2.7 months longer when receiving palliative care than patients without palliative care
    Temel JS, Greer JA, et al. Early Palliative Care for Patients with Metastatic Non-small-cell Lung Cancer, N Engl J Med, 2010 Aug 19; 363(8):733–42.


Once people are informed about Palliative Care, 92% report they would be highly likely to consider Palliative Care for themselves or their families if they had a serious illness.

Public Opinion Strategies (POS) Pub. April 2019